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1. Mindfulness Training School

    This is an interactive how-to-do-it mindfulness training school on the web with an experiential exercises tutorial to practice at home. It is for beginners and those who are already experienced. Nothing to join. Easy to catch-on to, and practice. Workbooks are provided online: "The Awareness Game," and "Being Human: A Catalog of Insights." And you may add your questions and comments right in the classroom, where an interactive class in applied mindfulness is taking place now. The conversations going on here refer to the basic classes in the Kindergarten and Playground.
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2. Mindful Awareness Magazine

    Three issues of a virtual magazine with articles about mindfulness... (and ancient Mexican nagüalism, and Stone Age Hawaiian kahunas, and modern consciousness scientists at Tucson III)-also featuring articles on the teachings of Charles Tart, Arthur Deikman and Stephen Wolinsky.

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What is Mindfulness?

a philosophy

What is love? The practice of imperfect mastery. Beginner's mind.

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How does this relate with other approaches in awareness training?
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Library of Mindfulness Links

Links to websites that the kindergarten coach here has liked in browsing the Web, admiring the diverse mindfulness teachings that they each share (including some entire books), and/or the beauty and love with which they have done their websites.

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