MAM Vol. 1 No. 2. Summer Solstice Issue
MAM Vol. 1 No. 3. Fall -- Hawaiian Makahiki Issue


April 1998 Issue
Mindful Awareness Magazine
dedicated to including non-reductive experiential approaches in the search for understanding human consciousness
Vol 1. No. 1. - April 14, 1998


Carlton F. "Perk" Clark, Tucson
Keeping it Light

John Bilby, Tucson
Addressing the Hard Problem of Consciousness Research
with Non-reductive approaches.
Could the answer be....."no problem?"
[Link to the Campus of the University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona
Towards a Science of Consciousness 1998 -- "Tucson III"]

John Bilby
Conversations with don Coyotl
a chance email acquaintance with a faceless man who teaches Toltec Nagüalism
who becomes my personal teacher on the net

John Bilby
Sample Classroom Talk in Room 2
What Awareness Practice is Like for Me
about Hawaiians, Buddhists, and Martin Buber Finding the "I and Thou" on a Streetcar
(and all of them with me in a small crisis at the supermarket).

Book Review:
Running Wild, written by John Annerino, of Tucson
A mindful runner faces the dangers of marathon runs along ancient Hohokam and Anasazi trails.


June 1998 Issue
Mindful Awareness Magazine
dedicated to celebrating the Summer Solstice with awareness
Vol 1. No. 2. -- June 21, 1998


Marilyn Gilbert
On Mid-Summer's Day

Carlton F. "Perk" Clark
Charles Tart to Tucson lII:
'Mindfulness Matters'

[A link to the site of Tucson III --
Towards a Science of Consciousness
can be found above, on the cover of the April issue.]

John Bilby
Part 2: The Hard Problem
Going Beyond Husserl's Phenomenology

An Experiential Research Approach:
Looking for the Language of Being

Jim Lehrman
Going Down the Road Feelin' Good

Column:   Practical Ecstasy
Connecting with Life in the Environment

Book Preview
"The Inordinance of Time" by Shaun Gallagher
a philosopher for the 21st Century picks up where
the 20th Century began, on the puzzling question of:
what is time?

Letters to MAM
Comments by Readers, and Responses by the Staff


MAM Vol. 1 No. 1. Spring -- First Issue
MAM Vol. 1 No. 3. Fall -- Hawaiian Makahiki Issue


October 1998 to February 1999
Mindful Awareness Magazine
dedicated to the human possibility of a season of peace
Vol. 1. No. 3. -- October 31, 1998


The Hawaiian Makahiki
celebrating the good life in harmony and peace
(the solid proof that it can be done!)

John Bilby
Mindfulness in Stone Age Hawaii
Now the good news can be told:
of what the old kahunas knew
that the Boston missionaries never told them.

The Ethical Foundation of an Impecable Warrior
Further e-mail conversations with don Coyotl,
resentlessly ruthless maestro of ancient Mexican nagüalism.

"I experience, therefor, I am."
Some possible keys to the heavy locks on the "Hard Problem."

Carlton F. "Perk" Clark
News from the Consciousness Studies Scene
Charley Tart's Question to Arthur F. Deikman.
David J. Chalmers (the "Hard Problem") Receives
Appointment to the University of Arizona.

Jim Lehrman's Column:
Practical Ecstasy
Stephen Wolinsky's "Objectifying Thought"

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